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Crazy Night at Manny's

December 15, 2007

If you are going down for the first time this Spring Break, you have to get your night planned out.  Everyone starts at Manny's.  You have to get there early, we arrived at about 6pm.  By 10pm, we were starting to see double.  The entertainment between 6 and 10pm is remarkable.  People do some stupid stuff on the stage.  The later into the night, the dumber they get.

After Manny's we went to Pink Cadillac.  Now, it is important that you take in some tacos.  The street tacos are great.... 

This is where our night got interesting, my idiot buddy decided he would pee in the street.  Well, guess who was there???  The police!  They shined a light on him after he peed and they told him that he would need to come down to the police station with him.  The funniest thing was that we denied he peed.  However, he was so drunk that he had peed on his pants.  So, the police asked us why his pants were wet and what the puddle of water in the corner was.  We told them it was water.  I had been trying to wash his hands and got some water on the ground and on his pants.  They did not but it.  I have been stopped by police down there before, my strategy is to try to get out of it.  At the point where I see it is not going to happen, I offer then $20.  That is normally my limit.  They always say that they can't.  I just insist and eventually they give up.  Moral of the story, DON'T PEE ON THE STREET unless you speak very good spanish.

After our cop incident, we went on to Pink Cadillac.  It was great, my first girl on girl makeout experience.  Unfortunately, they would have nothing to do with me and my friends but at least we enjoyed the view.  We were at Pink Cadillac until 1am and then we took a cab back to our hotel.

We struck out that night and came home empty handed.  However, all of us took some beers and drank on the beach.  Til next year when we try again! staff
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